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Post by sqlschool on Apr 25, 2013 12:20:31 AM CST
SQL School, one of the best institutes for online training provides Microsoft Business Intelligence [MS BI] course with one REALTIME PROJECT. Course Duration is for minimum of 60 hours, completely practical and covering SQL Server Integration Services [SSIS], SQL Server Analysis Services [SSAS] and SQL Server Reporting Services [SSRS].

SQL Server Integration Services
• Need for MSBI Process and Workflow Management
• Introduction to Control Flow and Data flow
• Data Modeling Requirements
• ETL with non-SQL Server sources
• Variables and Dynamic SSIS Configurations
• Advanced Control Flow Tasks
• Error Handling and Event Handling
• Incremental Data Load and Buffer Management
• SSIS Transactions, Isolation Levels and Checkpoints
• SCD, DQS and SCRIPT Operations
• Custom SSIS Components (CHECKSUM) and Data Profiling
• SSIS Catalog (SQL Server 2012) versus MSDB Deployments
• SSIS Deployment Wizard and ISPAC Management
• SSIS Tuning and Issue based Troubleshooting tips
• SSIS Interview Questions and Guidance
For complete SSIS course content -

SQL Server Analysis Services
• Data Warehousing Principles
• Analysis Services Architecture (SSAS 2012) – Tabular and Multidimensional
• DW Entity Identification Techniques
• Dimension Design and Attribute Relations
• Cube Design and Hierarchy Design
• Advanced SSAS Design and MDX Expressions
• Advanced MDX Functions and limitations
• KPI Identification and Calculations
• Implementing Tabular Datawarehouse with DAX Expressions
• Managing Data warehouses and Security with XMLA
• Data Mining Operations with DMX
• Performance Counters and Optimizations
• Migrating SSAS 2008 (R2) Projects to SSAS 2012
• Generation of Reports from SSAS Cubes
• SSAS Tuning and Issue based Troubleshooting tips
• SSAS Interview Questions and Guidance
For complete SSAS course content -

SQL Server Reporting Services
• SSRS 2012 Architecture and Need for Web Services
• Reporting life Cycle and SSRS Workflow
• Report Filters and Dynamic Parameters
• Chart Based Reports
• List and Rectangle Reports
• Sub Reports and Linked Reports
• Gauges Reports and Dundas Report Control Operations
• Cube Reports with MDX and DAX
• Report Tuning and Schedules
• Report Caching, Refresh and Snapshot Options
• Data Driven Subscriptions
• Managing Reporting Services
• Report builder Applications
• Security Management
• Report Delivery and Hosting
• SSRS Tuning and Issue based Troubleshooting tips
• SSRS Interview Questions and Guidance
For complete SSRS course content -

For free Demo and further training details, please contact us.

SQL School
Office: +91-(0)40-6457 7244
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